Andy Irvine Custom Tierra

I made this bass for the 2017 Dallas International Guitar Festival (Dallas Guitar Show). By making a few small changes to the original design of the prototype, the first Bosquez Guitars bass became officially known as “Tierra”. The edges are more rounded and the horns are sleeker. Additionally, the neck profile is flatter and faster. The Tierra bass responds beautifully to every dynamic nuance; allowing the player to be comfortable and confident in any musical genre.

This specific Tierra bass in the photo has a great story. I brought this bass and the prototype along with a guitar or two to the 2017 Dallas Guitar show. As I was wheeling around my little cart, I heard familiar playing coming from a nearby booth so I walked over to investigate. As I was talking to the company rep I became distracted by the bass playing I heard. I thought I recognized not only the player’s face, but the playing style as well. I told the bassist, “You look a lot like Andy Irvine…but you also PLAY like him too.” The bassist smirked, stopped playing and said, “Yeah…I…get that a lot.”  It soon became clear to me that the player was in fact, none other than Mr. Andy Irvine himself! Masterful bassist, recording artist extraordinaire, clinician, teacher, author, and curator of The Daily Funk Club.

I first met Andy back in 2012 in San Antonio, TX at a clinic he was hosting for Warwick. In what I find as serendipitous, I found out about that clinic from an ad from a magazine I got at that year’s Dallas Guitar Show! In Dallas we spoke for a good long while about so many topics: design philosophy, sound, strings, picks, tone techniques, and we had a lot of laughs. Through our relationship, I am proud to call myself a sponsoring brand of The Daily Funk Club.  Gladly we became friends and remain so to this day.

Leonard Bosquez ~ Luthier